Avimor Events



*Family Party Celebrating the Grand Opeining of the Community Center


*Saturday morning bike ride

*2014 Coyote Classic put on by Knobby Tire Series

*Lazuli Bunting - Spotted on one of the Avimor Bird Walks

Check out the photos and event announcements streaming on the Avimor Community Center monitor.









Avimor Recreation Group

2014 Upcoming Avimor Events

Let's celebrate Fall together with these upcoming events!

Mountain Biking/Running - As the cooler weather arrives, along with shortened daylight, we will resume the formal meeting times for mountain biking next spring. Rose and I will switching over to running on saturday mornings at 9am and welcome anyone who has a desire to get out and move.  Our routes and distance will be determined by whomever comes.  
For those of us who will keep riding through the cold season, let's watch the Avimor Rec Group and Resident Group on Facebook for planned rides.

Full Moon Hike - We will also postpone the Full Moon Hikes until spring. Again, if people still want to go, you can communicate on the Facebook pages.

Halloween - This year's Halloween is going to be lots of fun in Avimor!

Trick or Treating - Everyone will be on their own for this until about 7:45pm.  At that time we'll have everyone meet at the Community Center for a Halloween night bonfire.  
If you are not participating in distributing just shut your porch lights off as a sign.
Bonfire - Everyone is invited to the Community Center for a bonfire at 7:45pm.  If you don't have kids, close up shop (handing out candy) and come on down to the community center to be with everyone.  We'll provide cider and smore ingredients. You provide sticks for roasting marshmallows. 
This would also be a great place to unload extra candy you might have:-)




 *Images from the Saturday, June 28th Run and Mountain Bike Ride.

*Images from the Family Movie Night on July 15th.

Bird Walk Dates

Stay tuned for Bird Walks coming the Spring of 2015.  For further information regarding Avimor Bird Walks click on the link http://www.avimor.com/conservation/birding/

For questions about birds and birding at Avimor, please contact Robert Mortensen at birdingisfun@gmail.com 


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