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 Avimor Stewardship Organization

Avimor Stewardship

Welcome to the Avimor Stewardship Organization. This organization consists of a group of outdoor enthusiasts, Avimor residents, and foothills conservationists who enjoy the many amenities in and around the Avimor neighborhood.

This page provides information about the events, activities, flora, and fauna of our area.

We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. We'd love to hear from you.

Charlie Baun, Conservation Director

A unique experience...

The Avimor development is deeply committed to the restoration and revegetation of key habitats for birds, insects, and wildlife. We are passionate about preserving the ecosystem of the foothills, and our development reflects our effort to live in harmony with nature. As residents, citizens, and recreational users of the area, we have a responsibility to protect the natural amenities provided to us. Information on this page exists to facilitate knowledge and stewardship, and it is intended to enhance the overall experience of this amazing area that so many creatures call home.

Avimor Homeowner's Guide to Living with Wildlife

Living at Avimor will offer you an amazing opportunity to experience native plant communities and wildlife right in your own backyard. However, those living in this beautiful location are also responsible for protecting its integrity and wildlife value.  We must educate others on the ecology of the area and engage in good stewardship practices, which is why every homeowner in Avimor receives a copy of the Avimor Homeowner's Guide to Living with Wildlife. This handbook emphasizes the fact that the decisions we make with respect to our own backyards will affect the neighboring wildlife and associated habitat. Good stewardship practices such as planting native vegetation for landscaping, restricting use of foothills trails during winter months, using organic fertilizers, and maintaining birdfeeders will not only reduce impacts on wildlife, but will also bring you many hours of enjoyment.

Avimor Conservation Easement

Avimor and the Ada Soil & Water Conservation District have designated approximately 400 acres of Avimor property as a permanent conservation easement. This property is valuable for its natural wildlife, recreational, and scenic value, and it will remain undeveloped in perpetuity. View Map Depicting the Avimor Conservation Easement

Noxious Weeds

They are the uninvited guests who never leave...noxious weeds. Check out the Avimor Guide to Living with Wildlife

  • The Ada County Noxious Weed website has good information on control efforts here.
  • More information can be found on the Idaho Department of Agriculture site here.

Native Plants

Using native plant species for your landscaping needs is ideal. Native plants are already adapted to the foothill's climate and soil type, and they exist in balance with other plants and animals.  As a result, native plants will generally require less water and maintenance and will be more resistant to insects and diseases than exotic plants. Native plants can also eliminate the need for herbicides and chemical fertilizers, which helps protect the soil and water from contamination. View List of Native Boise Foothills Plants. The Garden for Wildlife website from the National Wildlife Federation is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about creating wildlife habitat in their own yard.

Butterfly Gardens

Idaho ButterflyMany butterfly species and other pollinating insects are selective of the flowers they feed on. For example, Monarch caterpillars exclusively require milkweed plants. Swallowtails are attracted to parsnip, parsley, dill, fennel, and celery. A large number of butterflies are also attracted to blanketflowers, mallows, trilliums, clarkia, and wild strawberries. In general, ornate-aromatic species with colorful flowers will be used by many native pollinators.

Avimor Birding

More than 150 bird species of been documented at Avimor. This list of all bird species seen in the area is being compiled by residents, employees, contractors, and visitors of Avimor. We are confident that as riparian and shrub steppe areas are restored with native vegetation, populations of native birds will return and thrive. We can use your help in tracking our progress, and we request that you let us know of any special sightings of birds.

Amenities and Attractions

The trail system at Avimor consists of 100+ miles of mixed-use trails and multiple connections to the regional Ridge-to-Rivers trail complex. Bird watchers, bike riders, hikers, horse back riders and photographers will find no better place for experiencing the Boise foothills than on Avimor's trails.

Avimor is also home to two neighborhood parks with playgrounds, Town Lake Park, multiple pocket parks, and a 5 acre community park known as Foothills Heritage Park. The Foothills Heritage Park includes an amphitheater, a tiered lawn for events, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, improved walking paths, and themed gardens for learning and playing. Avimor plans to further expand this park by adding additional tennis and basketball sport courts, a children's maze and a community garden. Surrounding the park are several themed natural landscapes intended for the ecologic education of children and residents. Finally, construction of the Avimor Community Center is under way.  Currently an outdoor pool and picnic area make up the Community Center, but when it is completed, it will contain an indoor/outdoor pool, fitness center, meeting rooms, gourmet kitchen and a library.

Avimor hosts a wide range of community events, including the monthly Bird Walks at Avimor program, the Annual Coyote Classic mountain bike race, and the Evenings at Avimor concert series. These and other events create a true sense of community that our residents desire.

Avimor is a FIREWISE® Community 

Avimor a  Firewise Community
Firewise is a national program that involves homeowners, community leaders, planners, developers, and others in the effort to protect people, property, and natural resources from the risk of wildland fire -  before a fire starts. Learn more




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Red Tailed Hawk

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Native Flowers
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