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TRAIL NOTICE - Trails are partially closed as of November 1st. Please use Winter Trail Map.                                           Seasonal Trail Closure Information


  • Only ride on designated trails.
  • Avoid muddy trails.  If you’re making tracks turn back.
  • Don’t cut corners or curves.
  • Obey all temporary or permanent trail closures.
  • Control your speed.  Don’t slide or skid.
  • Don’t trespass on private land.
  • Use dog leashes on trails unless you’re in an off-leash designated area.
  • Pick-up after your pets.
  • No motorized vehicles without Avimor permission
  • Bikers to yield to pedestrians and equestrian.
  • All users to yield to wildlife and livestock.
  • Downhill bikers yield to uphill bikers.
  • Motorized users cut engines when yielding to wildlife, livestock, or equestrian users.
  • Always announce your presence when passing.

For more information on trails, please contact Avimor's Conservation Director, Charlie Baun, at (208) 921-0195, or speak with our Sales Specialists by calling (208) 939-5360.                 

Special thanks to our friends and trail partners at SWIMBA. The great folks at SWIMBA have dedicated lots of volunteer hours and effort in creating and maintaining the awesome trails at Avimor.





Boise Foothills Trail Marker= Easy Single Track 
Boise Foothills Trail Marker = Moderate Single Track
Boise Foothills Trail Marker= Dirt 2 track

1. Willow Creek Trail: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 3.1 miles. Narrow single track. Several, short, challenging rock sections, bridges, and a tough finishing climb. A great out & back ride, and a very rewarding descent.

2. Dirt Magurt Trail:- Boise Foothills Trail Marker 3.5 miles. Dirt road. Several very steep climbs/descents.

3. Powerline Connector: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 7.8 miles. 2 track dirt road. Lots of elevation gain and loss.

4. Bovine Nirvana: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 1.3 miles. Narrow and technically challenging single track. Difficult up and down. Be on your game!

5. Shooting Range: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 2.1 miles. Twisty single track. Moderate climbing, big rewards. Several technical sections with rocks and a steep creek crossing. Connect with Bovine and Willow up to Sheep Rock for a long loop.

5a. Quick Draw - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 0.3 miles. Easy single track connecting Shooting Range with Spring Valley creek. Great loop for  beginners.                  

5b. Chutes & Ladders - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 0.5 miles. Easy single track connecting Shooting Range with Spring Valley creek. Great loop for beginners.            

6. Cartwright Road: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 1.7 miles. dirt 2 track road. Fairly easy climbing.


7. Knecht Loop: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 0.4 miles. Moderately easy single track loop.  Steep climbs and descents with great views.

8. Whiptail Ridge Trail: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 3.3 miles. Dirt 2 track. Several hard climbs/descent. Good access to reach Sheep Rock.

9. Spring Valley Creek Trail: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 3.5 miles. Flowing single track. Several rock gardens near the bottom. Trail follows Spring Valley creek. One of the best trails in the network.

9a. Twisted Spring Trail: -Boise Foothills Trail Marker 0.5 miles. Twisty single track on the South side of Spring Valley creek. Good trail for beginners.

10. Burnt Car Draw Trail: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 3.1 miles. 2 track road. One monster climb at the 1.5 mile mark. Future plans to add single track south of the road.

11. Broken Horn Road: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 2.6 miles. Gravel road with access to Hidden Springs neighborhood. Great way to access trail 12.

12. Fisher Lane (Broken Horn Trail): - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 2.4 miles. Single track that can be ridden up and down. Recommended: ride down trail 11, up trail 12, and down trail 10 as a loop. 13. Fiddleneck Ridge Trail: - 3.2 miles. Dirt 2 track with several tough climbs.

14. Stack Rock Ridge Trail: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 1.5 miles. Not recommended. Dirt two track that dead ends on private property. Future Stack Rock Connection planned.

15. Baun's Eye Trail: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 1.5 miles Dirt 2 track/single track. This is a great way to experience trail 12 in a shorter configuration. Recommended up or down.

16. Harlow Hollows: -  Boise Foothills Trail Marker 1.7 miles. Super fun descent, but can be ridden up. Trail follows the ridge line, offering a choice to continue on the ridge or turn left and drop a tight, twisty, exposed, single track that eventually rejoins the ridge trail. Highly recommended for skilled riders.

16a. Harlow Hollow Connector: - Boise Foothills Trail Marker 0.9 miles. Exposed, narrow single track with a rock drop.

Always wear a helmet, ride responsibly and with caution, as trail conditions are subject to change and varied degrees of interpretation!




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