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From the outset Avimor was envisioned as a special community nestled in the Boise foothills.  Its fruition is the result of thoughtful planning and careful consideration of how the natural surroundings and the elements that create a community can fit together, "The Art of Living".

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Standards are the measures for keeping the community beautiful and living harmoniously as neighbors.  Avimor Standards provide owners with the benchmarks that their property and actions should reflect.   These Standards enable residents to enjoy not only the beauty of their property but the neighboring properties as well.  It is important for residents to understand this and to voluntarily identify when maintenance or compliance is needed.

Our goal is to ensure that Avimor remains as beautiful today as it was the first time you experienced it.  

Within the HOA documents you will find CC&R's that include guidelines as to the use and appearance of your home.   These standards have been established to work together with the characteristics of the overall community.  

Our aim is to keep you informed about your community and preserve traditions that make Avimor a great place to live.  We are proud to be a community built by neighbors.

- Avimor Homeowner's Association

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